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cor·set [kawr-sit]


1. Sometimes, corsets. close-fitting undergarment, stiffened with steel or similar material and often capable of being tightened by lacing, 
enclosing the trunk: worn, especially by women, to shape and support 
the body; stays.

Corsets have been part of high fashion and high society for hundreds of years. They were relied upon for over 350 years as the main form a structure for women’s clothing and through the centuries have varied in popularity and purpose. In the 1920s they lost popularity when bras and girdles became the popular way to shape and support. And then corsets became more popular in costume, reenactment and period styles.

As with any fashion trend, corsets have been reimagined through the years. In the 1980s corsets came back into high fashion and couture, being used more as outerwear than inner wear by the likes of Madonna, Rhianna, Fergie, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Designers have been sporting corsets at Fashion Week – Derek Lam in 2008, Matthew Williamson Spring 2009; Alessandra Ambrosia in 2009; Dianna DiNoble in 2011 – and in wedding dresses – Blush By Us 2011 – over the last decade.

Corsets are also used to reshape the body to create a synched waist. Worn regularly, you can reshape your body over time, creating a permanent hourglass figure. The die-hard corset wearer will work their way down in size, further accentuating their hourglass shape by slowly changing their rib cage size.

Called Corset Waist Training, it is loved for reducing waistline, creating a flat tummy, improving posture. Wearing a corset is also credited with helping you keep weight off after a successful diet as it will reduce your ability to eat large quantities of food with a restricted stomach area.

Corsets get their structure from several materials, which can affect the price of the garment. Most affordable is steel, which Delilah's Collection uses for all of its corsets to ensure quality and affordability. 

A misconception is that you have to already be thin to wear a corset and receive the benefits – both fashion, passion and posture. At Delilah’s Collection our corsets are made for waist sizes of 18" to 44" inches and are made to ensure comfort and support. (Contact Us for customized sizing)

Many of loyal customers reduce the size of their corset over the years as they implement the Corset Waist Training. Allowing them even more diversity in the styles available.

busk closure example - corsetWhen choosing your corset, at Delilah's Collection, you have a choice of several options. Closure types can range from busk, zipper or spoon busk. A busk - the most common corset closure - is a metal clasp that closes the corset at the front. A spoon busk is a strong steel closure that is usually seen in period corsets (Vintage, Renaissance, Victorian). It doesn't move and is wider on one end than the other. And of course, the zipper is standard fare.

modesty panel, back panel

All of Delilah's Collection corsets also come with a modesty panel. It is also known as a Privacy Panel, Back Panel, Lacing Protector, Back Flap, Modesty Flap or Lacing Flap. It is optional and matches the rest of the corset, sewn to one side. It can also be included as a separate piece, in the case of leather corsets. It is designed to cover the exposed area between the areas of the back of the corset where you lace it up. It prevents marking, friction or irritation and is great for those that want to conceal any bulging skin that may occur when the corset is laced up snugly.

So whether you want to dress up like someone from another era, emulate the fabulous looks of some of our fiercest models and super stars or you want the health and physical benefits of what a corset provides, you will get the best quality and results at Delilah’s Collection.



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